Am I a Minimalist?

I think the answer ultimately is no, I am not a minimalist, but I have to admit the idea is very appealing. I do find myself looking at things differently now and recognizing when something has moved from useful to clutter, and then taking the steps to get rid of it. But there are still things I am definitely keeping just in case or for sentimental reasons which I don’t strictly need.

This month, I attempted the Minimalism Game, where you get rid of 1 thing on day 1, 2 things on day 2, and so on until day 30 when you get rid of 30 things. I made it to day 19 and got rid of a total of 190 things but then I just ran out of ideas on what to declutter. Having just finished the KonMari process on my whole house, I had already gotten rid of the obvious stuff I no longer wanted or needed.

I don’t feel bad about not finishing the challenge though. Instead I just feel good that I was able to do as many days as I did. It helped me refine my ideas about what things are important to me and what stuff is no longer needed. I also find myself getting more joy out of the items I have kept.

My biggest challenge now is getting into a better cleaning routine. I do tend to be a minimalist when it comes to expanding effort in cleaning my house, and I would like to do better in that area. Decluttering has definitely helped because there are fewer things in the way, but I still have room to improve.

How about you, are you a minimalist (or an aspiring one)?

4 Replies to “Am I a Minimalist?”

  1. I’m just kicking off my KonMari journey and I’m a little (nervous) excited about what the results will be! I’m checking what others have done and what their success/failures have been. I think it’s good that you stopped. I think KonMari would insist that you still keep things that are sentimental to you. Be surrounded by the things that bring you joy!

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    1. Good luck with your KonMari journey – I am so glad I found this method! It really helped me get my house under control. And I think you’re right about keeping what sparks joy. 🙂


  2. Very inspiring post Trish. I’d love to live with less, and I’m achieving that in some areas, but I woudn’t call myself a minimalist… yet. It does seem very appealing to be able to walk into a room and know that you want everything that is in it, and you can actually relax.

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