Two Weeks In

So it’s been two weeks since we brought our new puppy Baxter home. It certainly feels like longer! He is a sweetheart but a lot of work for sure. Tomorrow he will be 15 weeks old.

The biggest thing is potty training. During the day we are taking him out every two hours. Even with that, he has still had a few accidents inside. At night we take him out every 4 hours, which seems to work well.

Baxter and Peanut Butter (our cat) are still getting to know each other. Baxter wants to play but PB isn’t really up for that. We got a cat tree so PB has some place to go besides behind the couch and under the bed.

Today was our first puppy class. We got a clicker and worked on sit, look, and touch. I really like the trainer; she was so good with him and very helpful to us.

It has certainly been a life-changer having a puppy. I had a couple of dogs as a kid but my mom handled the training and I just got the fun part of playing with them. I’m not sure I would want to do it again in the future. Once is probably going to be enough for me!

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