One Month with Baxter

Tomorrow will be one month since we got Baxter, our boxer puppy, and today he is 17 weeks old. We took him for his last set of vaccinations today, so he is good on those for a year. After that, we took him to the dog park. It was drizzling outside but I really wanted to go so we did. One other dog came while we were there, a 3 year old who wasn’t really interested in playing with him, but he tried mightily to get her interest!

When we got home, Baxter ate his lunch and promptly passed out from all the activity.

Yesterday was our third puppy class. Last week we worked on walking with us on the leash. He didn’t do too well in class because he was more interested in the other dogs. This week went better; we learned leave it, drop it, wait, and take it. My biggest problem in class is finding high enough value treats that will keep his attention. Today I bought a couple new ones that he will only get at class, and I am really hopeful they will be good enough.

Potty training is still being worked on. He peed on the floor at the vet today, so that was fun. Things are good during the day when I’m working because he is in the office with me and we are in a routine of going outside. But it’s harder to control when we are in other parts of the house. I originally was going to use potty bells, but he was ringing them often, sometimes just a few minutes after coming inside. On the other hand, it did give him an easy way to communicate, so I’m wondering if I should try again. I’m really curious how other dog owners handled this.

Thanks for reading! Leave me your best tips on potty training or any other puppy issues you encountered.

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