We’ve Gone Green!

Under my desk – one of his favorite spots when I’m working!

I guess our county is in the green phase of reopening now. The dog park is open, although both times I have gone there haven’t been any dogs Baxter could play with.

Tuesday after I got the stitches out from my dental implant, I treated myself to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It was nice to sit there and enjoy food I didn’t have to cook that was still hot. Takeout is nice but it has its limitations.

I don’t plan to go back to church yet. I will continue viewing the online services, which I had been doing off and on even before the pandemic. I prefer that method anyway!

I am going to get my hair cut on Thursday. It’s halfway down my back and desperately needs a few inches off. Plus she will thin it out some and taper it around my face. I want to look somewhat presentable when I have to do some staff training next month.

Speaking of work, I have been very busy there. We are adding new health and safety products to the website, plus I’m helping test the new system we are switching to later this year. And my boss has also asked me to train the sales staff on how to use the new system, so I’m trying to prepare for that as well.

On the Baxter front, we are now working with a dog trainer. She is coming once a week and plans to help us with the various issues we have been having. Lately it seems like potty training has regressed a bit so we are going back to a more routine schedule for taking him out. I really hope we can get this under control!

He was so cute the other night though. I took him out around 9pm and he was fascinated by the lightning bugs. He really wanted to catch one!

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