Wellsboro Trip – June 2021

I just realized I never posted about our trip to Wellsboro last year. The last travel post I have is from our trip to Illinois in 2019. In 2020, we had been planning to go to Williamsburg, VA, but canceled that trip due to COVID. In 2021, we wanted to go somewhere but decided to make it a shorter weekend trip.

Wellsboro, PA was on my list of places I wanted to see. It isn’t too far away and seemed appropriate for a weekend trip, so we chose to go there.

The big attraction near Wellsboro is the Pine Creek Gorge, which is commonly known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. It is a beautiful location with amazing views from both the eastern and western rims of the gorge. Here are a couple of shots I took from the different lookouts:

The day after we explored Wellsboro and the Grand Canyon, we decided to drive up to Corning, NY to visit the Corning Museum of Glass. It was a nice drive, and we both really enjoyed the museum. They have a wide variety of glass sculptures and other creations. While we were there, we attended a glass blowing demonstration, which was very cool.

Here are a few of the exhibits we saw:

This was our first trip since getting our dog Baxter. One of my good friends who is a dog lover offered to take care of Baxter for us, and we decided to board our cat Peanut Butter to avoid any problems with the two of them being left alone in the house together. It turned out that Baxter was a little overwhelming for her, so for 2022 we will be switching things around and boarding Baxter while my friend comes over each day to check on Peanut Butter.

My son wasn’t interested in the activities we would be doing on this trip, so he went and stayed with his dad for the weekend. He will do that this year, as well. Maybe next year we can plan a trip all three of us will enjoy. I am open to suggestions!


2 Replies to “Wellsboro Trip – June 2021”

  1. I don’t have any specific destination suggestions for you but have you thought about planning a weekend trip around a really cool aquarium, zoo, museum, or a food factory (like jelly belly jelly beans?) that’s within a reasonable driving distance?


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