Stamp Spices

Last weekend I did the puzzle Stamp Spices from Bits and Pieces. This was a 500 piece puzzle with a collage of stamps with different spices on them. I had ordered this along with a Christmas-themed puzzle to try out the brand.

I did enjoy the subject matter of this puzzle, and I definitely like the collage style. However, I found the puzzle to be very dark, which made it harder to see what you were doing. I also didn’t find the pieces to lay very flat or feel very nice when I ran my hands over the puzzle. One piece was bent, and one piece was missing, although like before I can’t guarantee I didn’t lose it.

I will do the Christmas puzzle because I like the image a lot, but I doubt I will buy any more from this brand.

Here’s the finished puzzle:


2 Replies to “Stamp Spices”

  1. That’s a bummer that the actual puzzle image was darker than you expected. When I read that you liked the subject matter of the puzzle, I immediately thought of the puzzle brand Eurographics as I know they have spice-themed collage-style-ish puzzle images. I do not have much experience with the Eurogrpahics brand at all, we just have one 1000 piece puzzle, but I recall that the quality was quite good.


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