Our Newest Addition

I posted back in May 2018 that we were thinking about getting a dog. Well, we finally did it! Just yesterday, we got Baxter, a 12 week old Boxer.

Originally we were planning to adopt a rescue dog, and we even applied to the boxer rescue in our area, but they never got back to us. Then we started looking at puppies and decided we would be just as happy going that route.

So far he is a total sweetheart. Of course, he sleeps a lot, but he is eating good and seems to enjoy the toys we got him. The cat (who is six years old) has been coming around to check him out but not letting the puppy get closer than a foot or two before hissing or backing away.

My biggest problem is feeding the cat. We have always left his food out, but we can’t risk the puppy eating it so I moved it up on the desk in the kitchen. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem too keen on jumping up there to eat. I’m hoping he’ll come around soon.

The thing I was the most nervous about was potty training. It’s going okay so far though. We’ve been taking him out after each nap and after he eats. Last night I got up at 2am and took him out, and then my husband took him out at 6am. I had lot of trouble getting back to sleep after the middle of the night trip outside, so that has been the worst part. I did get some floor cleaner just in case we need it at some point.

Today we took him for his twelve week shots and also got him microchipped. He did great! We have to wait a week to give him a bath so that will be our project next weekend.

Michael (my 17 year old son) was with his dad this weekend, so I sent him pictures and he ended up stopping by to get some medication he forgot and got to meet the puppy briefly. He’ll be back tonight and will get to spend some time getting to know him then. I’m hoping having a dog in the family will be good for him.

I’m sure I will share more about our adventures as dog owners, but that’s it for now. Do you have any furry, or non-furry, members of the family?

Thinking About Getting a Dog

animal dog pet cute
Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

So, we are thinking about getting a dog.  Specifically, we would be adopting a boxer from a rescue.  Joe had two different boxers growing up and is very partial to the breed, plus from everything I have read, they can be great family dogs.  They do generally need a lot of exercise, but Joe would be able to walk it twice a day, and I could take it out during the day as needed to run around the backyard.  There are also a number of dog parks around the area that we could take it to.

The biggest concern I have is how the dog would get along with our five year old cat, Peanut Butter.  Since the dog we would be getting would not be a puppy, we would be able to request one that is good with cats, so that should be a help.  I have not owned a dog as an adult, and my mom did most of the training for the dogs I had when I was growing up, so this is a whole new area for me.  But I’m thinking I will have to train our cat to eat at certain times of the day instead of leaving his food out all the time.

I’m also trying to think of all the expenses that will come out so we can be prepared budget-wise.  The dog will come already spayed or neutered and microchipped.  Here’s what I have so far:

    • Adoption fee
    • Dog license
    • Food bowls & food
    • Crate & dog bed
    • Leash & brush
    • Toys & treats
    • Flea/tick and heartworm prevention
    • Vet checkups and vaccinations
    • Pet insurance


Let me know if there’s anything else you can think of that should be on the list.

I’m not sure when this will be happening, but hopefully sometime this year.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress!