A Short History of Peanut Butter

PB1 (2018_06_05 17_42_18 UTC)I have posted so many times about our puppy that I thought it would only be fair to post something about our cat, Peanut Butter.  We got Peanut Butter as a kitten, and he recently turned 7 years old.  Here’s a photo of him from when we first met him at my coworker’s mom’s house.  My son Michael and I fell in love with him right away.

We brainstormed names for quite a while until we came up with Peanut Butter.  I think it suits him very well!

PB2 (2018_06_05 17_42_18 UTC)When we brought him home to our apartment, he hid in the bathroom behind the toilet for several hours.  Soon enough, he was making himself at home climbing up the bookcases to sit on the very top and destroying the blinds so he could sit on the window ledge and look out.  Of course, he also loved to snuggle with us.

From the beginning, he actually liked the cat bed I got him.  You can see in these two pictures from 2013 and 2019 how much he has grown.


Unfortunately, I had to put the cat bed away recently because Baxter started destroying it.  Peanut Butter now splits his time between lounging on our bed and hanging out on top of the cat tree in the family room.  He doesn’t get to spend as much time cuddling with us because Baxter wants to play with him and chase him when he is within reach. That is definitely something I want to work on when we get back into training with Baxter.


I’ll leave you with a final shot of Peanut Butter posing for the camera on our loveseat.  He is such a handsome and loving cat, and I am so thankful to have him in our lives.



Puppy Training – It’s All About the Treats!

There’s a great article at PupBox on when to tackle different skills when training a puppy that I found very helpful. They also sent me this graphic with some helpful tips about using treats during training.


I have definitely found that I have to switch things up when training Baxter. I can use low value treats or even dog food when training at home, but for puppy class, I need high value treats that are only available during that time.

So different from my cat, who just gets treats once a day, at bedtime, and prefers the same ones all the time. If I give him a different treat, he will usually throw them up!