A Rainbow of Flowers

I enjoyed my first puzzle so much I decided to get another one. This one is Rainbow Flowers by Galison. It was super fun and so colorful! I loved the look of it and the pieces were very high quality. The fit was a bit looser than the previous puzzle I did, but I was okay with that because when I took that one apart, some of the cardboard came off parts of the pieces.

First I sorted the pieces by the edges and then by color. I think the array of rainbow colors was so pretty.

I did each color starting from the bottom. The yellow was probably the hardest one. I only did a little bit each day because I wanted it to last as long as possible. I managed to stretch it out to 4 days. Here’s the finished puzzle:

For my next puzzle, I’m going to stick to 500 pieces but go with a round shaped puzzle. Should be fun!